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Orano TN, formerly TN Americas, provides a comprehensive range of equipment leasing and project management services that ensure operational excellence and cost-effective solutions for all nuclear plants.

Offering turnkey solutions that incorporate equipment, processing and transport services, your plant now has a cost-efficient resource for moving and storing irradiated waste.

    Orano TN NUHOWS

    Orano TN's large capacity NUclear HOrizontal Waste Storage (NUHOWS) RadWaste Canister (RWC) offers a unique solution for the interim storage of irradiated reactor components for nuclear power plants.

    The NUHOWS RWC houses high activity waste material such as control rod blades, local power range monitors, jet pumps and other materials while requiring minimal processing. The NUHOWS RWC internals can be customized to plant needs to account for various component shapes and sizes to enable interim on-site storage of reactor components with a high packaging efficiency. The NUHOWS RWC is easily retrievable, allowing for partial loads to be stored and subsequently returned to the used fuel pool for additional loading.

    As a clone of our NUHOMS®, NUHOWS is proven technology compatible with the NUHOMS® loading, transfer procedure and equipment as well as the horizontal shielded storage modules. The NUHOWS RWC is already licensed for transportation with Orano TN's MP197HB transportation cask.

    NUHOWS RWC Features:

    • Stainless steel shell / Carbon steel inner
    • Bolted or welded lid
    • Internal capacity: 330 cubic feet
    • Dimensions: 67” / 63” external/internal diameter and 194” / 182” external/internal length
    • 56 tons maximum loaded weight
  • Cast on Site

    Orano TN offers the option to build the NUHOMS® Storage Module (HSM) either at a fabrication facility for delivery to the site, or locally on-site.

    The cast-on-site (COS) option of HSMs offers cost-savings for construction and installation of the HSM by avoiding transportation costs, and it enhances the local economy by hiring local labor, utilizing local concrete providers, and housing the project team in local quarters. If the COS construction option is chosen, Orano TN provides a trained and experienced team to manage the construction project – on time and on budget.

  • NUSTORâ„¢
    Orano TN NuStor

    Orano TN offers NUSTOR Fuel Racks for both PWR and BWR fuel types, including Small Modular Reactor (SMR) fuel.

    This advanced storage option accommodates new and used nuclear fuel, and has been designed using state-of-the-art storage methodologies.

    The NUSTOR offers the same reliability that customers expect from the family of Orano TN equipment, and is licensed under use for Design Certification (DC).

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